Big Secrets of Content Marketing, blogging, and Podcasting

February 1, 2016

Website: Blog: The Legacy Team handles the ideal of content marketing, distribution through social media and emails, wordpress blogging, and even software for a podcast :)  Thanks for listening in, it's a really good one!

Helpful Information: What is a 10x Content (Rand Fishkin)
Types of Content Marketing:
Example of 10x Content:
Info Graphic: Different Forms of Content
Social Media and Content Helper: and
Google Chrome Extensions:
ritetag just get from the site and sniply - Drive Conversion Through Content
Social Media Time Saver and Organizer:
Wordpress plugins: great for social media buttons and email capture
Ultimate Social Media Plus Plugin: Call to Action for social sharing pop up and buttons below posts

Suggested Auto Responder: Rocket Responder

Free Recording Software for Podcasts:

Lot of information, but it's all here for you now :)

What Does the Big D Mean for Your Business?

January 27, 2016

Blog: The Legacy Team handles the BIG D for your business and how it makes it successful.  Hint: Design Gather insight about design in general.  Then take a peek at how it works within the traffic exchange industry.  What is the pop effect?  Thanks for tuning in.  We appreciate you.  Website:

Design Software, Free to Join:
Text Design, Completely Free:
Suggested Email Service or Auto-Responder:

Blog Post Companion to This Audio Cast:


3 Laws to Abide by for Content Marketing

January 26, 2016

Blog:   The Legacy Team handles some key issues dealing with content marketing.  I hope you enjoy the podcast and if you like it and/or find it useful please share it :)  

blog companion: tip:


The 5 Undeniable Keys to Online Product Success

January 25, 2016

Blog: Website: The Legacy Team goes over the critical things needed for you online business.  You simply cannot afford to leave this out of your business if you want to be competitive. 

Mentioned in the audio cast and listed here are some resources for you.  Email Marketing:
Growth Hacking(Awesome)-
Social Media- for budget hosting of a blog
Suggested Auto-Responder for All Levels of Experience-


Good Bodies are Not Just for the Beach (Email Bodies!)

January 20, 2016

Blog: Website:   The Legacy Team handles the body of emails in email marketing.  Hope you enjoy the audio cast.  We appreciate you listening.  Find us on twitter at #thelegacyteam bonus free button maker for emails, works great


Not Losing Anyone Along the Process

January 12, 2016

Blog: Website:   The Legacy Team handles the discussion of start to finish in bringing someone to a call to action.  What's it mean to have to pretty packages the whole way?  Hope you enjoy the pod cast.  We appreciate you.  Find us on twitter at #thelegacyteam


Quick Easy Steps to Biz Success AND SEO Expert Interview! #thelegacyteam

January 9, 2016

Blog: Website:  The Legacy Team handles easy concepts that maybe your overlooking and it's costing your business.  Also, the 2nd part includes an interview with a SEO expert!
We hope you enjoy the recording.  Special thanks to Jon Olson and his coaching.  Thanks to Clint Butler with Find us on twitter at #thelegacyteam


Five Proven Strategies for Small Business in 2016

January 7, 2016

Blog: Website:  The Legacy Team does the quick break down of 5 Proven Strategies for Small Business in 2016.  2016 doesn't look hard it just needs a little follow through!  We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy the podcast.  Find us on twitter at #thelegacyteam


9 Ways to Be More Creative for Business

January 6, 2016

Blog: Website: The Legacy Team handles 9 ways to getting more creative.  Is your favorite way one of them?  Hope you enjoy the podcast.  Thanks for your support.  Find us on twitter at #thelegacyteam

Special Thanks to the source article:


Sometimes Informal HONEST Content is the Best

January 2, 2016

Blog: Website:  The Legacy Team Gives an Informal Discussion on How You Can be Successful and Why it isn't as Hard as You May Think.  The answers are out there and your business hinges on your most valuable asset... YOU.

   Here is an outstanding article written by Alex Cleanthous,  I didn't want the listeners to miss out on what we gave away live.

Find us on twitter at #thelegacyteam